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Yesterday I had the pleasure of making this cake for a really cute 2 year old! The cake was Purple V
So this is my special cake I was working on earlier Djakarta really wants a dog but for many reasons
The snow doesn't stop a celebration Happy Birthday Kendra two weeks later! Edible purse, Red Velvet
Had the honor of making this Drum cake for _calcoon71 45th birthday! Cake was blue velvet, all edibl
It was such an honor to do this _Where the Wild things Are _ Cake for my little cousin Jace💕💕💕 ca
New Flavor! Chocolate Chip Velvet 😍 #brownsugarcake #velvet #bakedfromscratch #LeiLeisCuisine #myws
💕💕When you are fasting and still have to make cakes🙊 Lei Lei's Red Velvet cake slices for Irie Rh
Salted Caramel back on the counter today and Italian Cream yum yum 💕 open 12-5 today in clemmons #m
Blueberry Lemon will be back on the counter today😍 #yummy #bakedfromscratch #lemonblueberry #clemmo
Oh Red Velvet how I love to eat a slice or two! Come get a slice or two of Lei Lei’s Red Velvet bake
Caramel Apple Butter Velvet! Three layer brown sugar velvet cake with Apple Butter and Caramel in be
Mango Rum and Raspberry Cheesecake Cupcakes😍 Made with fresh fruit! #mango #mangocupcakes #raspberr
Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes stop by we are open till 5pm! Baked with love from scratch this morning �
Come see us tomorrow for your Chocolate fix😍 #bakedfromscratch #snickers #turtle #chocolatelover #o
Happy Birthday Lei Lei's Storefront bakery🎂 #chocolatelover Open 11-5 today with 2SistersandaLemon,
Becoming one of my favorites 💕 Oreo Milkshake #yummy #bakedfromscratch #leileiscuisine #myws #oreo
Just going to sit these right here 😍 Peaches and Cream cupcakes with Peach Schnapps, Strawberry Lem
Cookie Monster Cupcakes 😍😍😍 we are open till 5pm today #leileiscuisine #bakedfromscratch #bakelif
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